Let Mom Show You How HD

Things just continue to heat up at I Want Feet and this video is no exception!! Very very hot scene with some of the most intense and sexy foot worship to date!! Sacha and Indica enter Indica’s room and collapse on the bed. Laying facing each other with their feet by the other’s head Indica reaches over and says that she thinks they should take their shoes off. She then in a very sneaky way begins to smell Sacha’s feet after a long evening of dancing and partying. Taking Sacha’s tiny little, pointy, wrinkly feet and smelling them deeply. Sacha says "I think somebody wants to play". Indica says she loves her feet and definitely wants to play. Sacha joins in and begins to smell Indica’s feet with great desire. This quickly leads to both girls passionately licking and sucking and devouring each others’ feet. They’re really getting into it and the girls are totally oblivious to Indica’s mom, Jewell, walking in the room. When they do Indica is shocked and embarrassed. Being caught doing this with her girlfriend she’s not sure what to say. Jewell immediately calms her down telling her that she herself used to do the same things with her girlfriends when she was Indica’s age. Jewell tells the girls that she too has a love of feet and with many more years of experience she would like to help show the girls how to really enjoy each others’ feet. Jewell coaches the girls along as she looks on aroused herself by watch she’s getting to see. Moving the girls into different positions and having each focus on the other’s feet one at a time. Indica gets on the floor and totally soaks and devours Sacha’s feet while mom continues to coach and comment. What Indica didn’t expect was the feeling that came as her mom slides a vibrator between her legs. Indica is overcome with intense passion and pleasure as she devours her friend Sacha’s feet with great intensity! Eventually it leads to Indica EXPLODING with multiple orgasms as she cries out that she’s squirting. She ends up dripping everywhere as it seems she squirts from the intense pleasure of the feet in her mouth and the stimulation of her pussy. Sacha then trades places and has the same experience as her friend ending with an intense orgasm. The girls want to take care of Indica’s mom but she says she wants to go first. With all four young feet in her face Jewell goes to town enjoying this exciting chance to get all of these young sexy feet in her mouth. What an opportunity! Then girls finally pull her on the bed and they take Jewell’s sexy wrinkly feet in their mouths with great passion. The girls don’t forget to provide Jewell with the same intense passion and experience as Sacha begins to rub her foot on Jewell’s crotch before getting out the vibrator and treating her to a nice intense orgasm! What a great mom to have for any girl with a fetish for sexy feet!

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