Bargaining with Ref Nikki -BARE

THIS IS THE BAREFOOT WORSHIP PORTION OF THE CLIP ONLY Lea and Tay really want to win their big homecoming lingerie football game so they’ve come to have a meeting with the ref before the big game. They ask if there is anyway to buy her off so she throws the game for them to win?! MILF Nikki’s feet have been aching so badly… maybe if they will worship her hard working socked feet then she’ll do it! But they need to put in some serious effort! You can tell Lea and Tay really want this badly because despite their distaste of feet, they indulge. After a few minutes, Nikki asks them to get more comfortable and then requests they remove her socks and move along to worshiping her bare feet. They notice she has beautiful feet as they strip her socks and it almost seems as if they really are getting into it! This wasn’t so bad of a trade off after all!! WINNING!

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